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Boxing Resistance Bands

Boxing Resistance Bands

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-Take Your Boxing Skills To The Next Level

- Resistance training plays a massive role in enchancing your speed and power as well as increasing muscle strength and burning fat. The Boxing Resistance Bands have been designed from a biomechanics perspective to enchance the movement and strength of your upper and lowwer body.

Enchances Your Physical Abilities:

- These Boxing Resistance Bands are designed to enhance your physical abilities, giving you a full body workout. Incorporate them into your routine to build strength and improve coordination, agility, and power

Suitable For Any Training Program:

- With the added benefit of burning through those calories, the Boxing Resistance Bands also make for an excellent killer-cardio workout. The bands can provide a versatile range of resistances to keep your workout challenging and effective. They're perfect for use at home or the gym

Protects Your Joints:

- Allows you to train many times harder without adding any additional tension to your joints.

Adjustable Resistance:

-  The buckles can also be adjusted to add more elastic rope to increase resistance and meet your various requirements. 

Helps Maintain Your Guard

- Adds a downward force to your arms that will strengthen your guard. 

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